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29 Saltwater Crescent
Narangba, Brisbane
QLD 4504
T/ 1300 668 736
F/ 1300 734 228
E/ orders@liquidsb.com.au


Our Services

Wide-ranging Wholesaling:

Liquid Specialty Beverages is a family owned company established in 1992, supplying a wide range of spirits, wines, beers, waters, soft drinks and juices. Our team works closely with major beverage distributors   both in Australia and internationally to ensure our extensive range remains up-to-date and delivering great choice and value to our customers. We strive to provide a customised service wherever possible by sourcing particular products in response to customers’ specific requests.

Hand-Selected Range:

To ensure our extensive range maintains a unique edge, we have developed a “hand-selected range” of products, many of which are exclusive to Liquid Specialty Beverages. From craft beers and ciders, to premium spirits and rare wines, our hand-selected range enables our customers to offer contemporary beverage choices which offer a point of difference – and great margins.

Our Customers

The Liquid network of customers has grown quickly in recent years and now spreads from Port Douglas in the far north to Byron Bay in the south. But whether you operate a large chain of hotels, a cosy neighbourhood café or a laneway bar, we pride ourselves on treating all customers as special people – not simply another number in the queue.

Our Approach 

Great customer service is our passion – and our heritage. For 20 years, the cornerstone of our business has been our high level of personalised customer service. To do this, we take the time to understand what your business requires. We don’t act like a big corporation where “one size fits all”. Whether it be helping you select products that suit your business or coming up with a delivery schedule that complements your staff rosters, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers based on a level of genuine understanding.

Our Drivers

Speaking of delivery schedules, you’ll soon come to discover our secret weapon – our great drivers! We’re not about dropping your order on the footpath and scooting off to our next delivery drop. Our drivers take pride in ensuring your drinks arrive safely and are unpacked to your specifications, wherever possible. And they’re always thinking about how we can service you just a little bit better.

Our Guarantee

We’re not perfect – we can’t promise we’ll never make a mistake. But we can guarantee that if we do slip up, we will move heaven and earth to rectify the problem as quickly as humanely possible.  We know that your show must go on!